Dying Light: The Following DLC, Season Pass Recieve Price Increase

Dying Light: The Following DLC and Season Pass are about to see a price hike. Techland has confirmed that prices have been increased due to the increased-scale of the project.

Dying Light: The Following is nearing the final stages of development. The main quests, sidequests, skills, and driving challenges have all been fully implemented, with the game now moving into the polishing period. The scale of the DLC has grown tremendously to where Techland believes it could be its own standalone game, which is why Techland is moving forward with the price hike.

The Following DLC will now cost $19.99, up from $14.99. The Season Pass, which was $19.99, will retail for $29.99 starting December 8. Techland didn’t want this to come as a surprise, which is why they’re letting you know now. In fact, the developer encourages interested players to purchase the Season Pass before December 8 to save $10. You’ll just need to remember to get it before that date.

Dying Light is available now on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. The Following DLC is due early 2016.