Chivalry: Medieval Warfare 1080p/60FPS on PS4, 1080p/30FPS on Xbox One

Torn Banner Studios’ first-person multiplayer-focused combat game will run at a different rate depending on which current-generation console players prefer to purchase it on. The PS4 version will run at 60 frames per second in 1080p resolution, while the Xbox One will see the frame-rate cut in half to 30 frames per second. The developer confirmed this in an interview with WCCF Tech.

Medieval Warfare has already been made available for PC as well as previous-generation consoles on both Xbox 360 & PS3. Torn Banner have also confirmed that both matchmaking online and custom/private invite matches will be made possible in the current-generation iterations. Chivalry: Medieval Warfare releases on Xbox One first on December 1, with the PS4 version arriving a day later.