Sekai Project Explains, Apologizes for Yohjo Simulator Steam Removal

A little girl simulator where players meander about the city dealing with creepy men around every corner, Yohjo Simulator was bizarre enough upon release. Within just days of release, however, Yohjo Simulator was suddenly pulled from Steam without explanation. It quickly became clear that the reason likely stemmed from quite the sour Easter egg that players soon discovered, in what can only be described as a highly-disturbing scene depicting a young female character laying on the ground with a male character standing over her, and a pair of undergarments lying beside her.

About a week has gone by since the game was removed and Sekai Project has today broke its silence, confirming to Hardcore Gamer that this was indeed the reason for its removal from Steam.

Apparently an overwhelming amount of complaints were filed for Yohjo Simulator’s removal from Steam and when Sekai Project realized that the scene in question was included in it, the game was yanked. Before re-releasing the game, Sekai Project will be working with the developer to remove the scene in question as well as anything that “even remotely” resembles it, and will also be looking to add additional gameplay features and in-game content.

“We would like to formally apologize for not having discovered this content before the game was released,” said Sekai Project. “Had we known it would have been swiftly removed from the game. Unfortunately, this was not the case and we are truly sorry for the severe oversight on our part. We hope that this has not left a negative impact on how you use Steam as a gaming service, or your experience with Sekai Project and our releases. This has served as a valuable lesson and will have a significant but positive impact on how we test upcoming titles before they are released.”

No timetable has been given for its re-release.

  • I’m honestly surprised the game ever got greenlight to begin with! Still don’t think the game should have been removed over that though.

  • Firion Hope

    People read way too much into it

  • incrediblehark

    What were you expecting to find in this game?

  • João Carlos Honório Pedro

    “a highly-disturbing scene”

    A *FICTIONAL* scene. Really, it’s fiction, sometimes fiction is disturbing, this means NOTHING.

  • Derp Minos

    Can’t they just break the contract with the dev instead?

  • Nakua

    Is odd, isn’t Sekai Project the ones who bring in the west several visual novel, some of them with 18+ content? Now they ask the original creator for censorship?
    Make no sense, anyway i never bought games from them and never will in the future.

    • Testy

      I don’t think they really wanted to bring over 18+ games, just that they had to since some title do have that aspect that people wanted (recall the Grissia snafu). This doesn’t seem out of character in my opininon.

  • snugdarkly

    Damn it steam.

  • Testy

    As the internet has shown again, anything the majority complains about, the majority gets. Pro-censorship wins. It would have been better if the game never showed up on Steam.

  • Eldhin Hellknight

    apologizing for an easter egg…. truly pathetic. Not sure if buy something from them now

  • tacgnol zerosix

    I think the game’s overall terrible quality and lack of real gameplay (even compared to kusoge like Goat Simulator) is far more offensive.