Meteos will be Replacing Hai/Rush at the All-Star Event

Meteos will be replacing Hai and new jungler Rush at this year’s All-Star event as the team prepares for IEM Cologne.

In a message posted to the Cloud 9 website the team discusses their reasoning for having their starting lineup not participate in the upcoming All-Star event. The post says that after the team got eliminated from Worlds they immediately began preparing their new roster as they were certain they’d get voted into the Intel Extreme Masters event taking place in Cologne, Germany. This, however, conflicts with ASE.

Cloud 9 believes that in order to perform their best with their new roster they need all the time before the event to gel. ASE takes place a week before IEM and would take away a lot of time for the team to properly prepare. So in lieu of giving their team less time to prepare they’ve decided to send in former jungler Meteos instead.

You can watch Meteos and the rest of the all-stars from December 10-13 and catch the new Cloud 9 lineup the following week from December 16-21.