Ace Team’s The Deadly Tower of Monsters Gets Release Date and New Trailer

What’s better than a deadly tower of monsters?  A grade-Z movie about a deadly tower of monsters, of course.  The Deadly Tower of Monsters is the newest game from Ace Team, best known for refusing to settle down to an easily identifiable style.  Zeno Clash (and its sequel) look and play completely differently from Rock of Ages, and neither are anything like Abyss Odyssey.  DToM is an action game created in the style of a schlock 50s sci-fi movie, featuring heroes Dick Starspeed, Scarlet Nova, and a Forbidden Planet-style robot named Robot.  They’re stuck on an alien world and the only escape, of course, is by climbing a tower that’s home to every wonderfully stupid sci-fi movie cliche ever created.  Why shouldn’t a tower hold both dinosaurs and giant apes, after all?  It’s taken a bit longer than initially anticipated to trot out the launch trailer and release date, but as of today that mystery is finally cleared up.  The Deadly Tower of Monsters is coming out on January 19 on both PS4 and PC, priced at $14.99.  Check out the trailer below to see how the bad movie magic gets made.