Pre-Orders Open for Dustforce Vinyl Soundtrack

Video game and music fans alike can sit back, relax and enjoy all the melodies of Dustforce. Developed by Hitbox Team, Dustforce quickly became a popular indie title featuring a team of janitors on a mission to clean up every little speck of evil in the world.

Dustforce’s music offers a zen-like, meditative atmosphere for players to immerse themselves in while sucking up any dust. The original soundtrack is available for pre-order right now on vinyl record. It features a total of 15 tracks each one guaranteed to make you want to bust out the vacuum yourself and tidy up the house. 

The album cover was designed by Drew Wise (whom also creates some pretty cool video game t-shirts) and cleverly shows off the name of the game like it was written in a big clump of dust. There are only 1,000 vinyl soundtracks available, better Swiffer over and claim your spot.