Ken Levine Not Involved with System Shock 3, Working On New Game Instead

Considering System Shock is many gamer’s favorite series of all time, it only makes since that when System Shock 3 was confirmed, many were wondering if System Shock 2 creator Ken Levine would be involved with the project.

Levine took to twitter today to dispel these notions, stating “Appreciate all you asking, but I am not involved in any way shape or form with any game with any game reboots, System Shock or otherwise.”

Don’t think the Irrational Games founder is out of the picture, however, as he confirmed that he is instead still working on a new (currently unannounced) game:

In addition to System Shock 2, Levine is best known for his work on the BioShock series as well as Freedom Force and Thief.

System Shock 3 is being developed by OtherSide Entertainment, a studio led by Paul Neurath — co-founder of System Shock creator Looking Glass Studio.