What Licensed Franchise Should Telltale Tackle Next?

Telltale has been around since 2005 with their debut game Texas Hold’em. Since then they have gone on to create and develope unique and original stories from various licensed properties including The Walking Dead, Game of Thrones, and most recently, Minecraft. The game developer has already announced a few new games coming from their studios such as Batman and The Walking Dead Michonne, but besides those, what other properties would profit from a Telltale spin?

Starting off with the mostly unlikely suggestions would be  ABC’S Once Upon a Time. OUAT has been running since 2011, and with five seasons about to be under its belt with one failure of a spin off series, the lore and world of Once Upon a Time is just as vast as any other fantasy series. Fans of the show know that after season two, a lot of interesting characters that were still in the middle of their story arcs kind of seemed to have just disappeared out of thin air, making it a prime opportunity for Telltale to come in and pick up one of the characters like The Mad Hatter. Heck,  it would be interesting even if Telltale decided to create and entirely new character just for the game series.

What would be slightly more likely (and certainly more popular) is Star Wars. Let’s be honest: who wouldn’t love a Star Wars Telltale game? Much like OUAT, Star Wars has a rich universe and with the new film on its way creating a wealth of Star Wars merchandise, video games being one of them, it would be a major get if Telltale could pick up the franchise for a game series. This might be a difficult task to accomplish, however, due to Disney’s efforts to crate a clear-cut cannon that stretches between the first film and the latest one. They already have a television series on Disney XD entitled Star Wars: Rebels, which takes place between the events of Episode III and Episode IV, and if cannon structure is really that important to Disney, then we would suggest a Telltale series based off the characters of the Star Wars: Rebels, which already has a well-written story to begin with.

Finally, we have come to our most-likely (Telltale picked up the rights earlier this year) and most-wanted licensed franchise to become a Telltale game series: Marvel. Superheroes are everything today in pop-culture with entire cinematic universes taking over the film industry and television shows dominating the airwaves, making it unlikely for Telltale not to dip into this universe. Yes, we know that they have announced a Batman game, but Batman is D.C. and has a multitude of games out there to choose from. We want a new superhero; one that might not get a lot of screen time or have the likely chance of getting their own movie or TV show. Let’s say Venom, for instance. To be fair, Venom has been depicted on the silver screen and Spider-Man 3, but everyone would much rather forget that experience as the film didn’t do the character any justice. Venom is one of the most iconic and recognizable super villains in all comic book history, so a game about this guy has the potential to be damn good.


Telltale has grown from its early days to become a household name for some gamers. The company has a unique voice in which they bring to crafting the tales of their games. Many would even say that Telltale writers can rival that of Pixar and we’re willing to put some money down on that powerhouse showdown.