Friday the 13th Gameplay Finally Explained in First Overview Video

Friday the 13th: The Game has caught the attention of many a horror fan, but even though its crowdfunding proved highly successful, many have been questioning just how the gameplay itself will function. We got the first taste of it last month in a short video showing Jason chasing women through the woods, but that didn’t exactly help. Today, Gun Media is launching a series of gameplay overview videos narrated by Adam Sessler explaining what to expect from the game.

The video explains how counselors from Friday the 13th will spawn in in groups of two or three with the occasional loaner; where you spawn will be dependent on what character you’re playing. You might happen to be hanging out having beers with your friends around the campfire or maybe you’re just getting dressed after having sex. Searching will be a key element of the game.

Yeah, that’s all that’s been explained so far, but hey it’s something.

Check it out along with some prototype gameplay below: