You can now Simulate League of Legends Champ Matchups

Ever wanted to know which champs would win in a duel against each other without taking player skill in to effect? Well now you can.

It’s an odd premise, but not the only reason to give Nexus Focus a spin. On the site you can choose any of the current League of Legends champions and have the site simulate a fight between them. Unfortunately, there won’t be an actual visual battle going on but the site will show you a graph of the health breakdown over time.

To make things more realistic the site also offers different match conditions, level up abilities, and allows you to set items for each champ. You can turn on three different switches for kiting, crowd control, and average crits. When setting items it’s also lists it’s price and the items stats so you could use it as a learning tool. Either way if you’ve been wondering how champ x would do against y or need statistical data on a matchup for any reason now you can, here.