The Hideous and Grotesque Abominations of The Deadly Tower of Monsters Shown Off

The Deadly Tower of Monsters is a big departure for Atlus, so they’ve released another trailer, showed off some monsters and allowed game director Dan Smith to explain what to expect from the monstrous game.

“The amazing costume, art, and special effects departments were threatening to strike if I didn’t give them a chance in the spotlight, so here are their 15 minutes of fame. I give these people a dream job working on the groundbreaking The Deadly Tower of Monsters and this is how they repay me? Unbelievable.

Once filming is wrapped up, I’ll personally make sure these clowns never find work in this town again! Actually, you know what? I’ll make sure these ungrateful people only work on movies with computer generated special effects and costumes. I can’t think of a better way to punish these artist types than forcing them to use soulless computers to create lifeless special effects and plastic looking costumes. I mean did any of you see that new movie Star Conflicts? Or was it Sun Wars? I don’t remember, but all the computer generated rubbish looked horrendous. No pageantry or passion at all! I’m telling you, that movie is going to bomb because people don’t want to see all that computer hocus pocus. Why mess with something that’s not broke? The only way to make an iconic science fiction extravaganza is with practical effects!

Anyways, when I set out to direct the stupendous The Deadly Tower of Monsters, I needed the most treacherous looking creatures to go against Dick Starspeed and co. The actors Jonathan Digby, Stacy Sharp, and that one guy who plays Robot are what we in the industry like to call “genetically photogenic” (well, maybe not the guy who plays Robot since I made him wear Robot’s head at all times). As a result, I needed the most despicable monsters and bad guys for our immaculate heroes to fight. I’ve got to say, our costume designers, artists, and special effects monkeys delivered. With my very *modest* budget they created some of the most realistic creatures to hit the B-movie silver screen. ”

Check out a new trailer and some of the monsters below: