Game of Choices II Receives a Release Date

Developer Souletics announced on Wednesday an official release date for the upcoming mobile title Game of Choices II.

Described as “the ultimate career test,” Game of Choices II is scheduled to launch as a free downloadable app for iOS devices on January 3, 2016, having originally been slated for release sometime in December 2015.

Game of Choices II

Souletics, however, did not reveal whether the mobile app would be heading to Android devices in the near future.

Damon J. Smith, who founded Souletics in 2011, says that it is the “hard lessons” that he endured during his time as a professional football player and also working in the business world that inspired him to develop Game of Choices II.

“Many people underestimate how challenging it can be to navigate a career, regardless of the industry,” he said. “Advanced education, talent and technical training are no longer enough. It takes a different mindset to get ahead.”

Game of Choices II is the “ultimate life coach, career quiz and personality test,” with its main objective being that it “teaches the internal characteristics required to achieve longevity in these careers, and offers new and viable career paths to those who may be unexposed to a variety of opportunities.”

“I wanted the game to be entertaining, and maybe even a little provocative,” Smith explained. “But I want it to help people make the kinds of decisions that will result in long-term success.”

According to Souletics’ press release, Game of Choices II will also be released for the Apple Watch sometime in January 2016, bringing with it an additional function that alerts the wearer to “make positive choices” over the course of the day.