Shovel Knight amiibo Stock ‘Should be Plentiful’ According to Developer

Despite having been out for well over a year now, amiibo are still running into stocking issues. While a lot of this has been remedied, there are still some characters that are next to impossible to find, outside of paying two to three times the sticker price on Ebay or Amazon. Thus, when folks thought Shovel Knight’s amiibo was also going to run into shortage problems — after the figure seemingly sold out everywhere — they went a little crazy. Fortunately, it seems that there won’t by anything to worry about, according to Shovel Knight developer Yacht Club Games.

“Hopefully I can clarify things a little! The Best Buy/Amazon preorders were not taken down due to stock issues, but because they should not have been listed for preorder in the first place! Stock should (hopefully!) be plentiful at release, and refresh shipments will continue arriving frequently.”

It’s heartening to hear that the Shovel Knight amiibo will be plentiful upon launch. Here’s just hoping that does indeed come true as we have been told this kind of thing before, only to be let down in the end.