Three New Year’s Wishes for PlayStation

Ah yes, 2016 is here. We’ve finally gotten to the point in our planet’s history where the current year almost sounds fictitious. Bad quips about how the number of years that have passed aside, 2016 is set to be a downright fascinating 366 days when it comes to video games (that’s right, it’s a leap year – here’s to hoping you found this out from a gaming article). If there’s one thing that there isn’t enough of on the Internet every year, it’s articles hoping for certain aspects of a new year to be wonderful. In honor of this, we’re bringing you three wonderful wishes for each major gaming entity (PlayStation, Xbox, Nintendo and PC) over the next four days that, if true, might just make 2016 the best year for gaming yet. Up to bat is the most popular console in the world right now, the PlayStation 4.

1) Horizon: Zero Dawn features a complex, quality narrative


Killzone has always been one of the strangest franchises in Sony’s arsenal, as it’s hard not to wonder whether or not the PlayStation’s Halo competitor is actually all that fun or not. Sure, the Killzone franchise has solid gameplay and there is definitely still a market out there for linear single-player experiences, despite what Ken Levine might think. Guerrilla Games has essentially been chasing the Killzone ghost, which isn’t necessarily something that can be caught, for the better part of a decade, which is why Horizon: Zero Dawn appears to be so novel. The thing is, when you consider how poor Guerrilla’s narrative chops have been since the Amsterdam studio came into existence, isn’t expecting Horizon: Zero Dawn to be as amazing as it seems asking a bit much?

Make no mistake, Guerrilla does not make bad video games, but it does write some pretty bland video game stories. Here’s to hoping that Horizon: Zero Dawn’s story is as cool as its concept (robot dinosaurs are definitely the coolest new video game enemy in years), otherwise we might write off Guerrilla Games as Sony’s most notable bridesmaid studio.

2) thatgamecompany’s next game is revealed

journey ps4

Flower is absolutely fantastic and Journey is one of the most iconic games in recent memory. The thing is, we’re entering the third full year of this console generation and the next title from thatgamecompany, which we know is currently in development, is nowhere to be seen. Once the other beloved independent Sony partner studio, Giant Sparrow, announced that What Remains of Edith Finch would launch in 2016, the pressure on thatgamecompany had to intensify. After all, The Unfinished Swan came out roughly seven months after Journey, and both studios seem to operate on similar scales. Granted, this is a bit of armchair game developing here, which is always a dangerous proposition, but now that we are in 2016, it should be time to finally pull back what this heralded independent studio is currently working on.

Each of thatgamecompany’s games has increased in scope. From Flow to Flower to Journey, this is a studio that is clearly looking to achieve zen and emotional resonance through its titles, and as the budget increases, so do the expectations of the development team. The perfect 2016 scenario for thatgamecompany is evident: we get a glimpse of the studio’s next game and it absolutely blows us away.

3) The Last of Us 2 is announced

The Last of Us™ Remastered_20140729060548

Yes, this is the big one. There are some people out there who think that there shouldn’t be a sequel to the best first party title in Sony’s history, but when an IP is this good, it’s hard not to wish for a second game. Whether or not Uncharted 4 is going to live up to the hype after its numerous delays is still up in the air, but few developers are as revered as Naughty Dog in this industry, and a follow-up to this team’s best game is going to bring tears to the eyes of fans everywhere.

Uncharted 4 is going to come out this year, which would make an announcement for a new game somewhat suspect, but if we were to just receive a logo at E3 2016, that would be more than enough. Let’s face it, Naughty Dog is one of the best developers when it comes to keeping secrets, so even if we receive information on a hypothetical The Last of Us 2, there’s no guarantee that said information will actually tell us anything. If there’s a single PlayStation wish to end all wishes in 2016, The Last of Us 2 absolutely qualifies.