Shovel Knight Update Released for Steam; Other Platforms Soon

One of the coolest modern 8bit video games is without a doubt, Shovel Knight by Yacht Club Games. It’s been such a success that a second storyline was necessary to explain Plague Knight’s actions. With their upcoming amiibo figure releasing soon, the game needed a go through a few tweaks in order to keep both Shovel Knight’s and Plague Knight’s side of the story.

The 2.2 patch has gone live for the Steam version of the game. It includes some cool features as well as bug fixes and gameplay changes. Here are a few of Plague Knight’s updates: a Mail Minion will tell you some interesting stats, Plague Knight will be able to use Secret Palette Cheats, difficulty in the¬†fight against Propeller Knight is toned down, Alchemy menu opens quicker. Some bug fixes for Plague Knight include health display inconsistencies, the game locking up after defeating Mole Knight. Other fixes include the game crashing after fighting Mr. Hat and treasures that went missing have now been replaced.

The Wii U and 3DS versions of the game will be updated soon but Yacht Club Games already revealed its fixes. Game crashes have been fixed in the German translation of the game when viewing feats, another crash fix has been solved when exiting stages while having the Troupple Chalice selected.

If you’re interested in seeing every update with the patch you can visit Yacht Club Games’ website. However, if you’re not too worried, you can continue playing like usual. Shovel Knight will update on its own when you go to play.