Sonicomi: Communication with Sonico Getting Two Special Editions

Do you love the classic Nintendo 64 title Pokemon Snap but wish you were photographing anime characters instead of Pokemon? You’ll soon get your chance with Sonicomi: Communication with Sonico.

Players assume the role of a photographer tasked with helping Super Sonico make her model debut. It’s up to you whether she’ll become a mainstream idol, or more of a niche hit. In any case, today JAST revealed they are offering two physical versions of the PC game for collectors to check out.

The first is the Sonicomi Limited Edition which comes with the game, a Steam key, acrylic figure of Super Sonico, and collectible cards for $55. Then there’s the Collector’s Edition which adds a massive mousepad to the set for a total cost of $160. Those who pre-order on J-List will receive a 10% discount on either version.