Five Characters We Want Joining Hyrule Warriors Legends

Hyrule Warriors was a hit for the Wii U, combining the lore of The Legend of Zelda with the combat of Dynasty Warriors. It’s been well-received by fans and critics, which makes it even more exciting to see the game coming to the 3DS with Hyrule Warriors Legends. Since the 3DS port will include every DLC pack as well as new costumes, weapons and quests, it’s the best choice for any fan yet to have played. What would make Hyrule Warriors Legends even better is the inclusion of more DLC characters and this is our short list of some top picks from the entire history of The Legend of Zelda series.



Bad guys are always cool when you get to play as them and Vaati is a fan-favorite villain. He has only appeared in a couple of games, but Vaati’s abilities makes him a wonderful addition to the roster. From the backstory of The Minish Cap,  we learn Vaati seeks power and takes the Magic Cap to become an almighty sorcerer. With this cap, Vaati can make all his wishes come true. Vaati’s abilities shown in The Minish Cap would translate well into the Hyrule Warriors Legends battlefield. He can paralyze enemies for a short time by turning them into stone and even summon monsters to destroy any swarming opponents. Vaati is also known as The Great Wind Sorcerer Vaati, he can manipulate wind and hurl cyclones cutting through the armies of Bokoblins. Vaati’s special technique would of course show off his true giant, one-eyed form. He could briefly turn into his final appearance and unleash a wide-spread attack, even enveloping the area with dark magic like he uses to transform Hyrule Castle. Vaati has a lot of potential in Hyrule Warriors Legends, hopefully placing him in a 3D environment will translate well.



Perhaps one of the most underrated character in Ocarina of Time, Nabooru could make a triumphant comeback in Hyrule Warriors Legends. She’s a fantastic character; opposing the beliefs of the evil Ganondorf and attempting to steal from him in order to defeat him. Though she only appears briefly in the Ocarina of Time storyline, her actions are selfless and she is revealed as the Sage of Spirit. In Hyrule Warriors Legends, Nabooru could be given more range to develop her skills. The Gerudo are very skilled in a variety of weapons which means Nabooru has the ability to show-off her techniques with glaives, scimitar swords and bow and arrows. In Ocarina of Time, she is brainwashed into becoming an Iron Knuckle. Donning the armor and swinging a heavy ax to damage surrounding enemies would make for a great special technique in Hyrule Warriors Legends. She can generally be used as a melee attacker since she’s not known to possess any magical abilities. And while you can already play as a few of the Seven Sages, adding Nabooru to the list seems like a fitting choice.

deku link

Deku Link

Seeing as you can already play as a Goron and Zora in Hyrule Warriors Legends, we should get to play as a Deku too. Deku Link is a fantastic choice to include in the game and while there’s currently a mask for Lana to wear, it’s just not enough. The Deku Mask first appeared in Majora’s Mask as the first special item Link uses in the game. Once transformed into Deku Link, you’ll be able to use a unique set of moves only lightweight plant people can pull off. In Hyrule Warriors Legends, playing as Deku Link should be fun. Your artillery is simple to control and works well with the open world combat. Using bubble burst attacks will be able to fend off short range attackers, taking the air in order to drop Deku Nuts on enemies below can create a nice clearing and using spinning attacks can let you cut through hordes in a hurry. Deku Link could then use the Pipes of Awakening and destroy weak enemies blast stronger foes clear across the stage as his special technique. With Majora’s Mask 3D available for the console already and Skull Kid, the enemy from Majora’s Mask, coming to the roster, it makes sense taking a protagonist character from the game and adding him to Hyrule Warriors Legends. 


Koume and Kotake (Twinrova)

We needed to add another villain to the list and Ocarina of Time’s Spirit Temple boss is a good pick. Since Hyrule Warriors is filled with enemies from previous game of the franchise, one of Ganondorf’s most loyal subjects would make for an interesting addition. Since Koume and Kotake come together as one, they’ll perform attacks at the same time while traveling in very close proximity to each other. They have exceptional magical powers since they’re both sorceresses. The twins will deal fire and ice attacks on either side of them and shoot projectiles forward. Ice moves can freeze opponent’s souls and stop them dead in their tracks while fire disintegrates bodies to burn their bones. They’ll be able to fly around during combat creating lava pits and icy spikes to damage any foes walking on the ground. As Twinrova in Hyrule Warriors Legends, her special technique is Double Dynamite Attack, allowing her to encircle enemies inside a devastating fire/ice tornado. Playing as Twinrova would literally be hot and cool at the same time.



Though he starts out as a bully in Skyward Sword, Groose turns into a likable fellow. He’s a big guy that usually doesn’t get involved with dangerous situations, but in order to protect Princess Zelda, whom he’s secretly in love with, he’ll risk his life no matter what. In Hyrule Warriors Legends, Groose can fight along side Zelda and show off a few cool moves in hopes of impressing her. Groose would probably be used mainly as a brawler. His strength is great and could easily take down enemies with some hard-hitting attacks. He’s also a skilled Loftwing pilot and could call upon one to perform a Spiral Charge, diving straight into enemy masses. Groose invented a ingenious device called the Groosenator which is a catapult on rails. It’s used in Skyward Sword to battle The Imprisoned but for Hyrule Warriors Legends it would serve as his special technique. The Groosenator will appear on the battlefield launching a series of bombs all around. If that’s not enough firepower, Groose could launch himself into the air and dive bomb right into the enemies causing a more massive explosion. Groose is a warrior, but could become a legend with his inclusion in Hyrule Warriors Legends.

The Legend of Zelda series has existed since the 1980s and in that time has amassed many fan-favorite characters. This short list was just the tip of the iceberg of potential candidates for the upcoming Hyrule Warriors Legends. Let’s hear who you would like to see included as a future playable character in the series. Comment below with your own choices.