Best of 2015 – Day Nine: Game of the Year

Hardcore Gamer’s 2015 Game of the Year: Tales from the Borderlands

In a year where there’s The Witcher 3, Fallout 4 and Metal Gear Solid V, it’s hard to believe a Telltale adventure game came out on top, but that’s exactly the case. While those three games are phenomenal in their own right, It was the combination of terrific storytelling and comedic writing that had us gawking over Tales from the Borderlands. It was a game that had us smiling over the hilarious antics of the cast, and even though it comes off a bit childish at times, there were moments, especially in the final episode, that featured a more mature, thick plot. This has something to do with how Telltale was able to develop both the story and the characters, ensuring you care about everyone.

Whether it’s the adorable Gortys who always aims to please, or the middle management Rhys who never seems to catch a break, there’s never a moment without hilarity or poignancy among this motley crew. It’s amazing that after what we thought would be Telltale’s magnum opus, The Walking Dead, that they’ve not only been able to maintain the quality, but arguably improve upon it with subsequent releases. Tales from the Borderlands is a game that deserves to be played not only by point and click and Borderlands fans, but anybody who loves perfectly formed storytelling.

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