Amazon Prime Now Offers 20% Off New and Pre-ordered Games

Amazon has just announced it will be offering an automatic 20 percent off deal to Prime customers on new and pre-ordered games. The deal extends to all existing Prime member pre-orders.

A game is considered new and valid for the discount for two weeks after its release. The discount itself doesn’t apply until checkout, so you’ll see the normal price on the game’s store page until you move into the checkout phase, where the discount will take effect. The new discounts are only valid for games sold by Amazon itself and doesn’t apply to other retailers operating through Amazon. Prime already offers free guaranteed release-day delivery for all games and a pre-order price guarantee that ensures you’ll pay the price you pre-ordered the game at even if the price goes up.

Amazon’s move seems aimed directly at Best Buy, whose Gamer’s Club Unlocked deal extends similar discounts to members for an annual $35 membership fee, compared to Amazon Prime’s $99 membership fee — though Amazon Prime comes with many other benefits, such as free two-day shipping on most items and access to Amazon’s music and videos streaming library.

Given that Best Buy’s membership also comes with an additional bonus when you trade in a game as well as store credit when you reach certain points milestones, Gamer’s Club Unlocked is still the better deal for most players, but Amazon’s move here is powerful nonetheless since Prime is already such a popular service.