tinyBuild ‘Four-nification’ Reveal #2: Road to Ballhalla

Well, Day 2 of tinyBuild’s “Four-nification” week is upon us, and not to say I called it, but I called it…sort of. The latest game to be revealed is indeed Roll Playing Game, albeit having changed it’s name to the snazzy new moniker of Road to Ballhalla. It’s a Marble Madness-esque puzzle-platformer developed by Torched Hill (AKA Kai Hillenbrand) with an emphasis on rhythm-driven gameplay and, as you can see in the trailer below, hefty levels of Portal-style snark and humor courtesy of a “trustworthy” guide.

It definitely looks like a particularly fun puzzler, but is it truly as good as the punny names suggest? We’ll find out in Spring 2016, when Road to Ballhalla is due out. Until then, “Four-nification” week continues tomorrow, so stay tuned for the next game announcement!