Devolver Digital and Buddy Cops Unveil ‘The Story of OmniBus’ Video

I admit that I’ve been getting a bit tired of games that seem to fit into the ever-increasing subgenre I call “Intentionally Awkward” (Surgeon Simulator 2013, Goat Simulator, I Am Bread, et cetera) since they always seem more designed more towards videos that rack up YouTube hits instead of delivering actual quality gameplay sessions. But just as I’m tiring of such a style, along comes “The Story of OmniBus,” a trailer for the titular driving game from developer Buddy Cops, which I can only describe as…MAGIC.

Taking the form of a “Great Moments in Vaporware” mockumentary series, the video chronicles OmniBus’ development from the early ’90s onward, where it was developed as a launch title for the Jaguar and eventually gained marketing tie-ins with the likes of Crystal Pepsi before difficulties landed it in development hell, leading to its reappearance as a 3DO title in 1999 before getting cancelled, and finally re-emerging today. But my words don’t do it justice, so just watch the whole video below (which also contains Steam codes, but at the time of writing, they sadly appear to have all been claimed).

The video also doubles as the official announcement that Devolver Digital will be publishing OmniBus, though this hardly comes as a shocker, given that Devolver has been vocally supportive of the game ever since its Kickstarter campaign began. And as seen with their track record when it comes to publishing, they definitely have a keen eye for spotting unique, entertaining games, so their endorsement and publisher status is a huge plus in the game’s favor. OmniBus is due out in Spring 2016 on Steam, and I suddenly can’t wait for it.

The only bad thing about this news? The promised Hotline Miami Kart Racing at the end of the video doesn’t exist in any way…yet.