Pocket Mortys’ Biggest Lost Opportunity

It’s rare for an animated television series to comes along and be as good as Adult Swim’s Rick and Morty and it is even more uncommon for that series to produce a licensed game based off the series and have it be remotely good. That’s the case for Rick and Morty’s third entry in the video game universe (if you count Rick and Morty’s Rushed Licensed Adventure and Jerry’s Game, which Pocket Morty’s does as they make references to it), however, and we have the setting of the show to thank for it.

For those who are not familiar with the hit series, the show basically revolves around super scientist Rick Sanchez and his wild adventures across the universe with his awkward grandson Morty. The world that these characters live in is based off the concept of a multi-verse, or rather multiple realities, most of which are closely identical to one another. This is where the brilliance of the mobile games idea comes in; in the show there have been multiple episodes that have dealt with numerous versions of the duo, each one slightly or in some cases greatly different from the others. With so many different versions of the duo running around in the universe and knowing how Rick is with his grandson, it was only a matter of time until all the Ricks in the universe gathered together to battle it out to Morty’s death to see who really is the best scientific mind of them all.


There are microtransactions within the game in the form of Blitz & Chips coupons, but they can be ignored all together if the player so chooses and they by no means affect the game progress. Unlike games such as Candy Crush which thrive on this pay-to-win business model that’s taken ahold of the mobile market, Adult Swim Digital knows what there doing with their licensed franchises as the game works in perfect contrast with the shows setting unlike the majority of its ilk.

With all that’s great about the game and how the show’s characters seamlessly blend so well when incorporated in a twisted Pokémon like existence, however, there’s still one major element of the beloved Pokémon game series Pocket Morty’s completely missed out on: online multiplayer. Millions of Pokémon players spend months even years hooking up online with friends and strangers alike to battle their Pokémon and see who is truly the best. When facing off against another human player, you get a completely new challenge that players wont find within the main course of general pocket monster games. We were greatly hoping that Pocket Morty’s would have taken advantage of some kind of online play, as it would not only add more playtime to the overall game, but battling our friends after leveling up our Morty’s and taking down the council of Ricks would have been an mobile gaming experience that no other app currently on the app store could compete with. Until Nintendo’s mobile market releases a Pokémon game, of course.


If you haven’t already done so and you’re a fan of the television show, you should download Pocket Morty’s at this very moment. As far a free gaming goes Pocket Morty’s is one of the best pocket monsters games to be released out on the mobile platform and has a long life cycle with hours of gameplay. The third season of Rick and Morty wont premier until March 2017. That’s a long time to wait for more Rick and Morty adventures in our lives and their newest mobile game will be able to fill a small portion of the fairly large void in-between seasons and help make the wait feel a bit shorter.