5 Star Wrestling Regenesis Release Date Announced

5 Star Wrestling launched on the  PlayStation last year, with rumors swirling of a PS4 release. Since the PS3 release, 5 Star Wrestling has become a name used for a variety of fairly big-name independent pro wresting shows in the UK. Today, the group announced that the PlayStation 4 release will be coming out this week, alongside a final price point. It will hit the PlayStation 4 storefront on January 20 with a $20 price tag – so it’s $5 less than the PS3 original.

The roster also has new attire – including MMA shorts attire for the Brock Lesnar expy. Before, each character had to share a character model. Regenesis gives everyone their own model and each costume has its own model as well. The legendary Rey Mysterio Jr. has also signed a deal to be in 5 Star Wrestling Regenesis – so it appears he will be in as DLC down the line.