Casual Corner: Microtrip

We know how it is. You worked hard for your 10:1 KDR, but sometimes, you just want to take five, relax and enjoy a quick game on your phone. Unfortunately, finding good games is anything but quick – most mobile gems end up buried under a mountain of trash. But like we said, we know how it is, so every month we shine a spotlight on a great diversion to get you through the work week.

After a two month hiatus from the more casual side of Casual Corner, we thought we’d go back to the chill and low expectations side of the app market. As we waded through the litany of games that comprise the app market, only Microtrip stood out as the chillest of them all.

Microtrip is a simple soft-body physics based game by Damien Corrado and Arthur Guibert. The goal of the game is to go as deep as you can. In order to do so you’ll need to dodge the bad cells that’ll block your path while continuing to pick up the white cells. Not picking up white cells will result in you continually losing health until you eventually die. Running into a tiny bad cell will decrease the health you have while running into a large black cell will automatically kill you. Along the way will be some special pills you can absorb to make your journey a little easier. These pills can be a lifesaver during a deep run as they can send all the bad cells away, make you smaller and it easier to avoid them, make you bigger allowing you to go through them, or attract all the white cells to you without you needing to move at all.microtrip_splashscreen
Movement works one of two ways mechanically . You can either go with the default method of moving your phone from side to side which moves your little micro cell, or you can go with a tap method. The most natural thing is to use the default method. It’s simple and will make it easier to survive if you happen to really get into a run. The tap method involves you simply putting your finger on either side of the screen and the micro will make its way there. Placement doesn’t matter so much as your finger is on one specific side. The micro will just keep moving that direction. This is the less natural of the two methods, but for some it might be just the thing.

As you might have guessed, levels in Microtrip are procedurally generated meaning you’ll never see the same world twice. So no matter how deep you go, you shouldn’t see the same level twice. What you will constantly see, however, are globules of goo that will slow your progress or solid portions that will block your path. These generally come in basic patterns so they’ll constantly look familiar, but nothing else will.

The best part of Microtrip is that there are no pesky micro-transactions to deal with. No energy to refill and no “special” power-ups to buy and give you an easier time. It’s just a simple game that stays simple. Now there are ads generally after every attempt, but that’s commonplace for a free game. You can download Microtrip here for Android and here for iOS.

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