Star Fox Zero Still set for April Launch, Will Have Amiibo Support

Nintendo has confirmed that Star Fox Zero is still set for launch this April, and will feature Amiibo support.

Fans excited for Star Fox’s first new game in a very long time will be pleased to know Star Fox Zero will still launch on April 22. There were rumblings earlier this month that the game would be delayed to July. Turns out those were exactly what they were, rumblings.

Nintendo also confirmed that Star Fox Zero will have Amiibo support, though what that entails is still a mystery. If the recent The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD Amibo functionality announcement is to go by, the different Star Fox Amiibo will likely give players special bonuses. We’ll get more details on Star Fox Zero’s Amiibo support in the near future.

Star Fox Zero is out April 22 exclusively on the Wii U.