Wargaming.net League 2016 Grand Finals Announced

Have you been to the Wargaming.net League Grand Finals? If not, you really should try to make it out. Granted, it’s in Poland, so that might prove difficult, but the event is really something else. Taking place at a large event center, witnessing the Grand Finals is an experience similar to witnessing a major league sports game and a televised award show all in one.

Once again Wargaming.net will be holding the Grand Finals in Warsaw, Poland this year, taking place from April 8-9 in Torwar Hall.

Twelve elite eSports teams will take to the stage with the top two teams from North America, Europe, CIS, and Asia—plus three wildcards—and one team from China all competing over the $300,000 prize pool. With the new Tier X format rolling out, audiences can expect to see the biggest and best tanks in an intense event that’s not to be missed. Throwing in a maximum number of 68 Tier points to play with and an increased match time of ten minutes (previously seven), teams will have to go back to the drawing board to reinvent their game plans.

The 2016 Grand Finals will be free to the public, with a variety of activities and exclusive prizes for attendees.

If you can’t make it out to Poland again this year, fear not, as Hardcore Gamer will be covering the event all weekend long.

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