Pokémon Rumble World Now Available at Retail Stores in Europe

Some fans may have already downloaded Pokémon Rumble World from the Nintendo eShop back in April. That’s because it was free, it still is free to download but if you happen to shop for games in Europe, you can now buy Pokémon Rumble World.

Pokémon Rumble World already has physical copies available in Japan and Australia is getting it this week. No word yet on a North American release. According to the game’s launch trailer, the retail version comes pre-loaded with 3,000 Poké Diamonds. These are used to encounter different wild Pokémon, revive your team if they faint within a level and a couple of other things. It could be worth having since you would have to pay real money in order to have a bulk of Diamonds on hand. You can find some throughout the game but it could take some time.

It’s pretty ridiculous if you ask us. Why pay for a game you can already have for free? Unless you’re a collector or just like spending money then it’s possible you’ll want to purchase the retail version. Buying the game will run you around € 34.99 which is around $37.00 USD, hey, it’s your Poké Dollars, do what you want.