Perfect World Announce First Non-Free-to-Play Game ‘Livelock’

Perfect World Entertainment Inc, famous purveyors of free-to-play MMO greatness, like Neverwinter, have announced their first pay title, Livelock. Developed by Tuque Games, this overhead co-op shooter looks to take the oft-maligned Halo: Spartan Assault formula and do it right. Frankly, it just looks fun.

Taking place in the 22nd century, players can choose from one of three playable characters and lay waste to the mechanical hordes, called Clusters. The humans and these machines are at war over the Earth’s dwindling resources. To even the odds, the fleshy, squishable warriors upload their consciousness into a Capital Intellect (read: giant kickass robobody). These allow the humans to utilize unique weapons and special abilities to crush their enemies, see them driven before them and hear the lamentations of their women (I know it’s the wrong Arnold movie, but I always liked that line).

For those concerned that this sci-fi template might lead to an overly self-serious story of woe and laser induced mayhem, worry not. The trailer below, featuring a character named Hex, should suitably allay those fears. I mean about the self-serious part. Laser induced mayhem looks to be right in. Livelock is to be released to XBox One, Playstation 4, and PC later this year.