Amiibo Retro 3-Pack on Clearance at GameStop

The moment every amiibo fan realized that the hype for Nintendo’s NFC figurines was beginning to die down was the day that the amiibo retro 3-pack hit GameStop shelves.  That being said, it comes as no surprise that the bundle is now on clearance both on GameStop’s website and in stores at $10 off the original price.  The pack comes with Duck Hunt, R.O.B., and Mr. Game & Watch, (with Mr. Game & Watch bringing three additional poses to place on the NFC stand).  There are still plenty of stores that have these in stock but if none of those happen to be near you, ask an associate about ordering it to your home at no extra cost.

[UPDATE] Note that Natalie Collazo was a retail employee of GameStop at the time of writing this article. She wrote a handful of articles about GameStop sales and many other articles for deals at Amazon, Target, Best Buy and other retailers. It was brought to our attention that some of our readers were unhappy that her employment with GameStop wasn’t transparent inside of these articles, so we’ve updated the articles with this statement to make it clear and instructed our writers to refrain from writing about any outside company they are currently involved with moving forward.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused and can assure you that these articles were written with the intent to inform you of deals like many of Natalie’s articles and not to promote GameStop.