Sony Announces February 2016 PlayStation Plus Lineup

It’s that time of the month again where Sony announces their upcoming lineup for PlayStation Plus. The service had a strong showing since its arrival five years ago, but has slowly petered off ever since the PS4 launched, being more of a place where independent studios could get their games in the hands of consumers.

For the PlayStation 4, Arrowhead Studios’ Helldivers will be made available, alongside Nom Nom Galaxy. For last generation users, Grid Autosport and Persona 4 Arena Ultimax will be handed out. Finally, the PlayStation Vita will see Lemmings Touch and Nova-111 added to its collection.

Once again, PS3 owners seem to get the best content while the other the PlayStation platforms are left with a number of smaller indie titles. Helldivers is arguably the biggest title for PS4 this month, and while it’s by no means a bad game, we haven’t had a significant PlayStation Plus release for the console in a long time.

Regardless, the PlayStation Plus games will go live next Tuesday on February 2.