The Angry Birds Movie Releases New Trailer

You know, despite all of the snark given to the Angry Birds franchise in its current years and the idea of making a movie about it in general, I honestly do believe that given what I’ve seen from the games, characters, cartoons, comic books, et cetera, that there honestly is enough material to potentially craft a quality animated film based on the hit mobile game. So naturally, when given that material, the folks behind The Angry Birds Movie decided to throw all of it out the widow and just tell an origin story, because of course.

“In the 3D animated comedy, The Angry Birds Movie, we’ll finally find out why the birds are so angry,” says the description for the movie’s new trailer. We see more of the plot this time around, showing Red (voiced by Jason Sudekis) throughout his childhood and everyday life as other birds keep ticking him off, leading him to essentially become an outcast. And when the pigs finally show up, Red is the only one to distrust them, but is naturally ignored due to his status.

But let’s be honest here: was there seriously someone who couldn’t sleep at night because they just couldn’t comprehend why the Angry Birds were angry? Did we honestly need to know this part of the story because of that person? It honestly boggles the mind knowing that this person is out there, and that they may even be old enough to vote. Anyhow, you can watch the trailer below, which doesn’t seem too bad up until you get to the end of it, at which point I wanted to go out and violently assault any of the writers, directors, or producers behind this film (and why add limbs? WHY???)