Conan Exiles is an Open-World Survival Game

In a new trailer released today, developer Funcom has announced a new, open-world survival game set in the world of Conan the Barbarian.

There is a single player mode, but the main focus of the game is the multiplayer. Private and public servers allow players to explore, fight and survive as an outcast of civilization. Sandstorms, wild animals, and the wrath of gods will stand against you, but growing crops, hunting, and making religious sacrifices will allow you to survive. Players will be able to decide whether they want to team up or fend for themselves.

Conan 1

The world of Conan the Barbarian  is a kill-or-be-killed place, as creative director Joel Bylos explained. “Hyboria is a harsh and unforgiving land where only the strongest can survive while the weak are swiftly cut down. Whether it is hunting animals for food, fighting monsters and other players, or building entire settlements, we want to make sure players feel like they are really fighting to survive and prosper in the most brutal fantasy world ever.”

Conan 2Conan 3

The trailer is a cinematic one, with Conan speaking about his time in exile. The scenes are grim, with blood and bones strewn about and the desolate sands become increasingly depressing as the trailer goes on. No gameplay is featured in this video, so we don’t yet know whether it will be first person, third person, top-down, or what, but the quality of animation shown in both the trailer and the screenshots above seem to indicate that Conan Exiles will be a beautiful looking game.

Check out the announcement right here:

Conan Exiles will come to PC via Early Access sometime this summer, and will eventually make its way to consoles.