Latest Nights of Azure Gameplay Showcases Hotel Hub and Arena

There’s been a flurry of new gameplay and videos coming out of Gust Co Ltd’s latest JRPG, Nights of Azure. With some insight into what’s been referred to in-game as the Arena, Koei Tecmo have also shown off some further footage pertaining to the game’s central hub, the Hotel.

You can check out the footage below; the Hotel acting as the main area for players to select in-game quests as well as purchase new, unlockable weapons and items. On top of this, there’s some good news for European fans as Koei Tecmo also confirmed today that the limited edition release — which has already been put up for pre-order — is now available for pre-order in Europe. Nights of Azure launches for PS3, PS4 & Vita on March 29 in the US and April 1 in Europe.