Peter Molyneux Retires from Game Industry, Removes Godus from Steam? [UPDATE]

Once a near-god in the video game industry, Peter Molyneux faced a tough challenge after his game Godus was accused of not living up to its potential, culminating in a muchpublicized fallout. Now it seems like Molyneux has had enough, as his Twitter has announced that “Godus will be taken down from the Steam Store with immediate effect”

While that was shocking enough, he followed up the post quickly stating that he would be retiring from the game industry:

No word on what exactly spurred this sudden revelation and what is next for Molyneux if anything.

Molyneux is best known as the creator of the Fable series for Lionhead Studios, after he left his original Studio Bullfrog Producitons which was responsible for Populous. He was soon promoted to  Creative Director of Microsoft Game Studios, Europe in 2009, but left Lionhead and Microsoft altogether in 2012.

Molyneux faced his toughest challenge with Godus, which raised its fund on Kickstarter. The staff was reduced to a handful of people in February of last year and Molyneux seemingly abandoned the project.

[UPDATE] Soon after posting the Tweets, another tweet came from the Molyneux account stating that his account has been hacked:

Oddly enough, all of these tweets were the first tweets from the verified account in over a year. We’ll keep our eye on the story and update as we hear more.

[UPDATE 2] The tweets have now been erased from the account, so it seems as if this was indeed the case of a hacker and Molyneux is not retiring and Godus will remain around. We’re attempting to reach out to Molyneux for more clarification.

Here is a screenshot of the original tweets:

Screen Shot 2016-01-28 at 2.27.49 PM