Team 17 Announce Deal to Publish 16 Year Old’s Game

When a nervous teen posted his work on reddit a few weeks ago, the internet exploded.  Showing off screenshots from his game Way to the Woods, 16 year old Australian developer Anthony Tan promptly received an immense outpouring of support and admiration.  Now a month later, publisher Team 17 has announced a deal to publish the teen and his newly founded Studio Happy Bee .

The game’s tumblr site, adorned with beautiful artistic renditions of deer in various environments, describes the game as a third person adventure about “two deer in a strange, surreal world”.  Also described as “lovingly handcrafted”, the screens certainly look beautiful. It will be incredibly interesting to see how this project progresses. However, we should try to curb our enthusiasm somewhat, with the teen designer acknowledging that the project is in it’s infancy and urging us to “please try not to think about it too much! maybe just file it away in the back of your mind for now”.

Way to the Woods is being developed for PC, however, a console release will be explored as development progresses.