Glorious Jet Set Radio Station Launches for Your Listening Pleasure

Jet Set Radio may just be the greatest game series of all time. What other game can you grind around on rollerblades, tag cities and shove it to an oppressing corporation? That would be enough to make it the greatest game series of all time alone, but add in extreme cel-shaded graphics and some of the funkiest tunes ever committed to virtual wax and you have pure concentrated awesomeness.

Sadly, Sega is too busy making elephant games and 3DS ports to realize what an incredible series they have on their hands. Thankfully, it’s now possible to sonically live the awesomeness that is Jet Set Radio in daily life thanks to the launch of Jet Set Radio Live, an online streaming service that boasts 24/7 music from and inspired by the series.

While hearing the music from the game is great enough, the incredible thing is just how fitting the music not from the game is. Whoever is curating this playlist is a musical genius of the highest order. Which makes sense, as it’s being DJed by DJ Professor K himself. Expect to hear great tracks like BB Rights – Funky Radio, Hideki Naganuma – Sneakman, Smearballs – Come Play With Us Danny, Bran Van 3000 – The Answer, Gee Roo – Give it Up and JS16 – Stomp to my Beat

Currently the “radio station” lets users listen to music (duh) as high-res art from the series rotates in the background. Tracks can be skipped and messages can be sent to Prof. K. Every so often he’ll chime in with a interesting tidbit or shout-out. As the station is in its infancy, more features will soon be added in the near future including volume control and a pause button.

Head over here to get in on the fun and crank your speakers up to 11.