Limited Run Games Blasts Through Both Waves of Saturday Morning RPG

It was obvious that Saturday Morning RPG was going to do well for itself after the runaway success of Breach & Clear, but even so the near-instant sellout of the PS4 version was something of a surprise. The initial announced production run of 1980 PS4 copies lasted minutes, with half for sale at 10AM and the other half at 6PM.  The Vita game version’s 2500 copies lasted longer, and was even available as late as 11PM, but that’s still only a small, sub-one-day window to pick up a copy.  The first side effect, of course, is a complete reassessment of how many PS4 copies to print for future releases, because what initially seemed like a good idea and plenty for the day’s supply when allocated at a maximum of two copies per customer turned out to be nowhere near enough.

If it wasn’t obvious last October when Breach & Clear blew through its supply, there’s a demand for physical media that’s not being met.  Maybe not in the five-digit range like the bigger publishers would want, but certainly there for a small publisher to take advantage of.  Now that the initial publishing plan of Limited Run Games printing parent-company Mighty Rabbit Studios’ two offerings as a proof-of-concept have proven the concept to a ridiculous degree, it’s time to get to work on the next round.


Current plans call for at least 13 games to get published in 2016 (although I suppose after today we’re down to 12), and no word on how many of them come on one platform or more. -Update-  According to this tweet, it’s 25 releases among all consoles from 13 games.  The next game out of the gate is Oddworld: New -n- Tasty for Vita, although an inquiry as to the status of the PS4 version received a reply of “We can’t announce anything for Oddworld unless it comes from them first.”  After that the future is a mystery.  Cosmic Star Heroine is in there somewhere, in both Vita and PS4 versions, but that game is still under development.

The LRG Twitter feed is packed full of excitement about the year, but who knows what’s in store?  Llamasoft’s TxK?  Publishing deal with Devolver Digital?  The super-awesome Thumper?  It’s all dreams and speculation now, but whatever turns up it means a nicer gaming shelf with titles one can be proud to have on display.