Bayonetta and Corrin to be Shown Off in Smash Later Today

Certainly, the crowd went wild when Bayonetta was announced as a forthcoming addition to the already fantastic Smash Bros. roster. But since that initial announcement, we haven’t seen much of Bayonetta herself or Fire Emblem Fates character Corrin. Thankfully, that changes today. Later this afternoon, during the Smash Bros. Niconico championship, we will get a glimpse at both characters in action. It’s not clear when exactly they’ll be presented, but below are the start times of the event:

– 5:15 PM PT (Saturday)
– 8:15 PM ET (Saturday)
– 1:15 AM in the UK (Sunday)
– 2:15 AM in Europe (Sunday)

The stream will be located here, so don’t miss it.

[UPDATE] Both characters were shown off in action as promised. Check out the footage here.