Riot Releases Khada Jhin’s Bio

Khada Jhin, or better known as Jhin, The Virtuoso, is the latest addition to the League of Legends roster. With his official release scheduled for around Tuesday of next week you can read his bio now.

Basically Jhin is a serial killer that believes what he does is art. While working as a stage hand he terrorized a town with killings for years until he was eventually caught by Shen, Zed, and their master Lord Kusho. While his bio doesn’t link him to the other champions depicted in his teaser Jhin is essentially responsible for the change in Zed. The bio says that after witnessing the murders Jhin carried out for years he wanted to kill him once they captured him, but Lord Kusho did not allow him. To be exact that is when “resentment began to bloom” in Zed’s heart.

If you haven’t yet you can read the full bio for Khada Jhin, The Virtuoso, here.