Rise of Mana to be Discontinued, Square Enix Interested in Releasing via Other Means

You may remember the backlash that came from Square Enix’s announcement that the newest game in the Mana series would, in fact, be a free-to-play mobile/Vita game. Although the game didn’t quite look to be of the same caliber as many of its predecessors, some were still excited to be getting a new entry in the venerable franchise at all. Regardless of where you stood upon its announcement and release, it would seem that the game will be discontinued this coming March.

Square Enix stated that they are unable to balance the game’s upkeep cost with what it’s making from the game, effectively meaning it wasn’t doing all that well. But be that as it may, Square Enix doesn’t appear to be giving up on the game entirely. In fact, they mentioned that they are exploring other avenues so as to re-release the game upon its F2P discontinuation. What this means is anyone’s guess, though, given the circumstances, we could see the game mounting a comeback as a traditional retail/buy-to-play title. Our guess is Square would release on iOS, Android and Vita again, just with a price tag attached to it and possibly some minor in-game microtransactions.

Nevertheless, they haven’t opened up fully on what this all means, so keep an ear to the ground as more details come down the pipe.