Ant Simulator Cancelled After Developers Misuse Funds

There are a lot of weird simulator games lately, but there was one that showed a little bit of promise that didn’t seem to be purely cashing in on the popularity of the genre. Ant Simulator put players in control of an ant as he burrows his way through the ground and does what those little insects do best.

Unfortunately, this crowd funded project won’t ever see the light of day. Eric Tereshinki, the programmer behind Ant Simulator, released an incredibly heartbreaking video today expressing his displeasure of his now former business partners’s mishandling of funds. When we say mishandling, we mean completely blow it on “liquor, restaurants, bars and even strippers,” leaving everyone, including Tereshinki completely out in the cold.

It’s a very unfortunate event that no one ever wants to be in, especially considering the business partners were apparently considered his long running friends. Tereshinki has stated that he will be sending out emails who preordered the game about receiving a potential refund.