Jalopy Takes a Road Trip to Greenlight

Communism is falling and the world is changing with it.  With travel restrictions eased up, it’s finally time to take your swanky Laika 601 Deluxe on a trip across Eastern Europe. The roads are rough and the car sturdy, but even so you can’t beat on the machine until a magical money-wand instantly fixes all your problems at the garage.  A road trip is far more interesting and complicated than that, so you’ll need to treat the journey with the respect it deserves.  Jalopy is a car-based fusing of walking sim and survival game, except all the two genres’ mechanics (ha!) are focused on your car.

For example, you’ll need to consider how the weight of what you’re carrying will effect mileage, whether it’s better to get a more efficient carburaetor or fix a leaky gas tank, and if exploring a section off the main road is worth the wear on the tires.  The road also offers opportunities for those looking for a little adventure, whether it’s giving rides to the people you meet on the way or delivering questionable cargo to shady destinations.  Car maintenance costs money and upgrades aren’t cheap, so the prospect of a little extra cash is always tempting.  Alternately you can take the main road from the start of your journey to the end, if an adventurous life seems too troublesome.

Each game is a new driving quest, thanks to the procedurally-generated map, and the amount of the world you explore on the way to journey’s end is down to two things- how much you feel like poking around and how good you are at nursing your poor car through the adventure.  Eastern Europe is in a transitional state and the difference between deep trouble and incredible opportunity is perspective and preparedness.  Grab the wheel, set your supplies, and see what the road has to offer.  Once Jalopy clears Greenlight, and makes its 2016-ish release date, that is.