PS1 ‘Rollcage’ Inspired Racing Game ‘GRIP’ Heads to Early Access

Holy smokes, we’re in shock that Grip is actually real and can be played. The last we heard from the futuristic racing game was all the way back in July when we were graced with an impressive debut trailer. Developer Caged Element have seemingly skipped the hype phase entirely and have gone straight to Steam Early Access so we can all get a little taste of the racer.

For just $15.99, prospective racers can get their hands on the title for PC and experience speeds up to 700 kmph as they drive on floors, ceilings and walls. It’s like your childhood fantasies come to life.

GRIP is heavily inspired by the cult hit Rollcage from the PS1 era and features a thumping electronic soundtrack.

Head over to Steam to start playing and check out the Early Access trailer below: