‘Slide ‘Em Up’ Platformer Standby Slides onto Steam Greenlight

Like with many other gamers, it takes a lot to get me interested in anything related to Steam Greenlight these days. The service is a shell of what it used to be, a symbol of Steam’s recent lack of quality control that lets virtually anything through. So when a game actually shows up on it that intrigues me enough to highlight it, that would indeed be the sign of one damn promising game.

Enter Noclip’s Standby, a fast-paced, stylish 2D platformer described as a “slide ’em up” where you play as a man trying to make it through a broken game infected by the Glitch. As seen in the trailer below, it looks like quite the energetic, minimalistic romp indeed, so if you want to help give it a little extra support, you can check out Standy on its Steam Greenlight page. With any luck, hopefully we’ll get to see it on Steam’s front page soon as well.