World War II Competitive Shooter Battalion 1944 Announced

Bulkhead Interactive has announced Battalion 1944, a new competitive shooter set during World War II.

Battalion 1944 is in development for PS4, Xbox One, and PC at Bulkhead Interactive, a studio comprised of former AAA developers and modders. The team is using Unreal Engine 4 to bring their vision to life, which takes inspiration from Call of Duty 2 and Medal of Honor. Yes, Battalion 1944 is a World War II multiplayer shooter.

This is an infantry based multiplayer shooter with a strong focus on authenticity. Maps have been built to resemble real world locations. You’ll travel down the streets of Carentan, and participate in shootouts under the trees of Bastogne. This authenticity also seeps into the game’s many weapons. Bulkhead Interactive went to great lengths to study the weaponry of World War II for Battalion 1944. Every gun and all the sounds they make have been faithfully recreated.

Battalion 1944 utilizes a cosmetic progression system, with different uniforms being made available as you grow in rank. Gun engravings and clan insignias also become available as you rank up. Bulkhead is introducing a new global competition system with Battalion 1944 called Battlerank. Each season, players will be placed into teams to participate in events to earn special cosmetic rewards for their character, weapons, and accessories.

Battalion 1944 is currently on Kickstarter with the developers seeking $142,577 to assist with the development. Bulkhead plans to invest a minimum of £100,000 if the project’s goal is reached.