Prepare for a Wintry Mix: Cities: Skylines’ Snowfall Expansion Nears Release

A fan favorite and a big hit with the modding community on Steam, Paradox’s Cities: Skylines is about to get a whole lot colder. As if big piles of the real stuff weren’t enough, players of Skylines will be able to frolic in virtual snow as well when the Snowfall expansion is released on February 18, 2016. The $12.99 expansion adds a whole bunch of winter and weather-related content, including treacherous icy roads, snow plows and plow maintenance, heated roadways, energy challenges and more. According to Paradox, “New policies allow you to demand elderly people to wear anti-slipping studs on their shoes to increase their health, or make sure cars can resist low snow levels’ ill effects by using studded tires.”