Doom Campaign Trailer Released

Doom was one of the first popular first-person shooters and has maintained a classic status over the years since its debut in 1993. Bethesda Softworks first revealed the new Doom back at last year’s E3 with a gameplay demonstration and later had two multiplayer alpha tests that were kept discrete. Today, the studio dropped a new trailer for the game’s campaign.

The game has maintained the violent blood,and gore since we’ve last seen it as our Doom guy lays waste to countless demons. The gameplay looks fast, sharp and visceral with hails of bullets and flying enemies. Melee take downs are still given a mini cinematic sequence, but don’t appear to take up much of the player’s time so they shouldn’t become tiresome.  Players will have a chance to step back into Hell on May 13 this year. The game will be available for PC, PS4 and Xbox One.