Soul Axiom Finally Gets Release Date

Having spent a vast time in Steam Early Access – along with a brief spell as part of Nintendo’s Nindies@Home program – Wales Interactive’s Soul Axiom finally has a full game release date. The first-person, futuristic puzzler will be available for PC on February 29. Though no date has been given, the developer has also promised iterations to all three current-generation consoles — PS4, Xbox One & Wii U — will follow soon after with a slated Spring 2016 window.

“The development team have been met with acclaim for the commitment…and for working closely with the community,” Wales Interactive’s Ben Tester explained alongside the announcement. “Some gamers have seemingly lost faith in Early Access games and so we hope to shun those negative views with an organised development cycle which we hope to recreate with our future titles.” Check out the game’s official story trailer below: