Battalion 1944 Claims Victory With Kickstarter Goal

So apparently not everyone has forgotten about the era of World War Two first-person shooters…before they were taken over by the modern military shooters which themselves have stepped aside for the new series of futuristic-themed shooters we see nowadays. And judging by this latest Kickstarter project, it seems many others would like to see a return. UK-based Bulk Interactive, whom only launched funding for Battalion 1944 this Tuesday gone, have already had their initial goal passed within the space of three days with just under four weeks left until funding ends.

In an update, the developers commented on the successful funding by stating the game will be “bringing World War 2 into the next generation of video games!” Battalion 1944 is aiming for a release across PS4, Xbox One & PC with an estimated release, at present, around May 2017. Check out the official announcement trailer below: