Gears of War: Ultimate Edition Receives ‘Impactful Improvements’ to Execution and Blitz

Gears of War: Ultimate Edition has received “some small but impactful improvements” in the competitive online modes Execution and Blitz, developer The Coalition announced today.

Gears of War’s community manager, TC Octus, posted on the Gears of War website that The Coalition has rolled out the changes to Execution and Blitz as of Friday, February 5.

“While we didn’t want to mess with Execution’s current settings too much in order to preserve its competitive nature, we felt it was important to address the feedback from the Execution community seeking longer match times,” TC Octus said.


“From Friday’s update, we’ll be taking a small but potentially significant step in that direction — we’ll be closely monitoring match times to decide if we should raise the limit further in the future.”

Due to the original duration of each match not being up to some people’s liking, the developer has decided to increase the overall winning round count for an Execution match from four to five.

As for Blitz, which is normally favored by competitive players, there have been multiple areas that have been adjusted to “further build on the more frantic objective gameplay it currently offers.”

“With this update, rings will now spend much less time in one location and DBNO players can get back into the fight faster,” TC Octus explained. “As an experience, it makes Blitz an even faster paced objective mode where you are rarely static — the fight constantly rotates around the map, and it provides a unique alternative to the more capture and hold experience of King of the Hill.

“We’ve also removed five maps from the mode that didn’t work as well in the new format and upped the ‘Rounds to Win’ to two based on positive feedback from the change to KOTH.”

The five Ultimate Edition maps that have removed from Blitz are Bullet Marsh, Courtyard, Gold Rush, Tyro Station and Garden.

Gears of War: Ultimate Edition

The ring timer for the Blitz circle has been reduced from 70 seconds to 45, while self-reviving only takes ten seconds instead of the fifteen that was originally set for the game type.

Along with the tweaks made to Blitz and Execution, The Coalition has added a special community event to the Ultimate Edition in the form of Raven Down 24/7, which is basically Team Deathmatch on the fan-favorite map Raven Down.

The Coalition is also working on another update for the Ultimate Edition, according to TC Octus. While the full details on the update are unavailable at this moment in time, including a date for when it’s ready to be deployed, TC Octus said that the developer will be “addressing some key fan feedback,” such as the total kills for the Seriously achievement counting those earned in both social and competitive matches.

Earlier this week, The Coalition confirmed that it plans on adding a fan-favorite mode, One Shot One Kill, to the Ultimate Edition later this year. Learn more about the specifics regarding the upcoming event here.

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